Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Shadow Triangle

The New York Times proves once again that it has its head to the ground when the issue of the new Nets stadium and field of skyscrapers rears its ugly head. It sent out Robert Worth into the Slope with a single pentrating question - "would it be cool with you if they built this gigantic high-rise monstrosity on your doorstep?" And the deafening response comes back "we'd rather not". So far so peachy, and we don't think the Gray Lady has really discovered anything ginormously, er, fresh.

But it did clear up one mystery for us. Who is the really rather lackadaisical shopkeeper that runs a sporting goods store on the corner of Flatbush, Fifth Avenue and Dean Street?

"Henry Rosa, 55, the co-owner of a sporting goods store at Flatbush Avenue and Dean Street, said: 'I suspect it will be great for us. Once the project is complete, with new residents here, it will bring us more traffic.' But he said that if he lived in the area, he would probably be angry."

We really wish that were so Mr. Triangle Sports, but as we both know this massive influx of sports fans will more likely enrich the mighty O'Connor's than your good self, because you're NEVER BLOODY OPEN.


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