Friday, August 19, 2005

My Girlfriend's Away And I'm Stony

We're going to get in a bit of trouble for that one, and it does break several conventions (first person singular, giving a clue to gender and proclivities). But the opportunity to pay tribute to legendary late nineties nominally-straight-chat-for-gay-men chat line slogans was too irresistable. But when you find yourself bereft, there is but one thing to do, and that's get full bore into stoner rock.

The rockness crew had several suggestions for us, including Stereogum-approved pop stylings at Southpaw. But the line outside looked somewhat unappetising, and we craved more meaty fare. So down we went to Magnetic Fields to get chunky.

We entered the place while Federale were playing. Which made it a tad difficult to order a drink, because Federale are very thunderous. Unapologetic fans of AC-DC and Grand Funk Railroad, they wouldn't stick out in huge swaths of America, although we will admit that their most natural setting would be a greasy basement somewhere in Milwaukee where there are plentiful supplies of sweet, smokable mandrax. Wonderful slide stoner geetar, and a very personable bassist, who gave us a t-shirt and a rekkid.

Well, as a hugely influential dilettante blogger, the least we could do was post it, although why you'd want to get it here when the band has the band's Myspace spot is a very good point. In fact, chucking it on You Send It is probably a step backwards. The record is a bit more restrained, and there's no slide geetar, but it's still pretty gargantuan. We also submitted the tracklisting to iTunes, so we're feeling rather virtuous.

Federale - "Hard Way"

The Brought Low, who headlined, are utter ar*eholes. They were ar*eholes when we cornered them once at an Alabama Thunder Pussy show, and they're still pretty obnoxious. The relentless jokes about Heinken, which was sponsoring the event, grated damn quickly. The savage, simple, elemental riffs are their saviour, though, and will ensure that they get close to heaven. So, and we're surprised this needed spelling out, metal's pretty healthy right now.

After the show we drank for a bit.

So, celebrity mp3 bloggers permitting we might be at the Sufjan show tonight. We went to see this bogus awards show at Webster Hall in February, where Sufjan, RJD2, Ted and Dillinger Escape Plan were playing. Poor Sufjan got heckled by all of the DEP fans, and even Cutesome thought he was a tad dreary considering the company and the setting. Still, he's very popular right now, so we're going to give him a second chance. This is NEW York, non?

[UPDATE: Hello, you disgusting hairy RPGVA people. This blog happens to be written by a limey. Take your worthless Dick Van Dyke impressions somewhere you don't need to spend twenty minutes registering, and we'll have a good old exchange of abuse.]


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