Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fell On Stupid Days

We meant to post about this yesterday, but a series of meetings, as well as a massive server failure in Dayjobcorp's London offices meant that the post was ignored, and then lost. This chaos merely evened up the score, since as far as we can tell, NYC has gone to hell in a handbasket during our absence.

First the Mets went 2-8 during their away stretch, thus confirming they can perform neither when on the road, nor when gringcorp is out of the country. Then the sharp-tongued but useless Betsy Gotbaum romped home in the race for New York City Public Advocate, presumably on the back of votes from people that neither watch the news nor read the ballot.

We're not too bothered either way about the mayoral primary, and we were vaguely fond of the slightly bats Anthony Weiner, who, er, pulled out. We do disagree with Mr Gilliard's argument that minority voters could turn this race upside down - rich white people made out pretty nicely last time round, although we will, er, concede to his vastly larger experience.

But, yesyesyes, the scumclowns of the MTA have decided that they don't need lots of money from a nice property developer so much as some really big skyscrapers from a well-connected property developer who also happens to be a scumclown. Bruce Ratner's bid for the MTA's land at the Atlantic Railyards, a half mile from Chateau Gringcorp, got the warm welcome one might expect from the kind of clown-populated transit agency headed by a well-connected former property developer.

Needless to say, the decision is deeply stupid. That's all we have to say. There is more at the 'landgrab.

On an unrelated aside, is there anyone that top cloak-and-dagger defence contractor BAE Systems hasn't tried to bribe?


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