Thursday, September 01, 2005

Move... a chune by Miles Davis, but not, at least this time, a posting. Yet more evidence that in our old age we keep converging politically with Mayor Mike. Amid all the Bloomberg wants to save CBGBs headlines, no one seemed to want to concentrate on what he really said.

To recap, briefly. Legendary IN THE SEVENTIES rock club CBGBs' lease just expired. The landlord wants them out. They don't want to leave, and have held benefits to save it.

By some coincidence, we were heading down the Bowery last night on the way back from a poker game, and noticed the camera outside at 12.30 in the morning. No Debbie Harry, but there you go. Looks likes things might get quite frantic, as well.

But back to what Mike Bloomberg said, this time as reported in the Times (reg req'd):

Mr. Bloomberg offered the city's help in negotiating a new lease. If that fails, and CBGB is forced out of its space at 313 and 315 Bowery, "we will try to find another location," the mayor said.

Our suspicion is that Bloomberg, who seems to have moved his companies about wherever they would work best, is a bit mystifed as to why a working rock club seems to require city-provided, or city-sanctioned rent support. He is, presumably, thinking that if owner Hilly Kristal wants to present the place to the world as a museum, then he should go about cutting off the booze and shepherding bored children round the place. Or move to vegas, as Kristal has amusingly suggested.

So, and despite, what Mr. Gilliard has suggested, may we suggest that they move the stupid thing already. The place is close to fewer and fewer musicians every year, and the only people clamouring to get booked there any more are 'tards. Let Hilly make a choice between ther Strip and Bushwick, and we'll see how committed to breaking new music he is.

Brief NYC political races ad round-up. Anthony Weiner's new ad is designed to highlight his new taxation plan, which is based on raising new money for his projects with a small tax increase on higher earners. We had to concentrate very carefully on this policy stuff because we distracted by the background, which features one of the best scrubbed and stylised sets we'd seen for a while. It sort of looked like a porn movie's rendering of the interior of a diner, and since it was populated by so many good-looking, toned extras it was easy to get confused.

Leslie Crocker-Snyder's new ad is a doozy. It's very cheap and cheerful, and features a bunch of vox pops just standing there holding their breath. The idea is that they're waiting for incumbent DA Robert Morgenthau to debate Feisty Leslie. Which is transparently not true - most of them look like they are quite literally waiting for buses. But the imagey is lovely all the same. Fits her guerilla underdog campaign rather well.

[Update. Tired Gawker is peddling our OLD SH*T. Girl, why are you not in front of the New York Wizzle?]


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