Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Fletch Goes Down

All the crazy sh*t is coming out of the south right now, and we're not talking about David Banner. Our sympathies to the people of the south and, particularly, New Orleans, where we have spent several lost weekends, The sight of the palm trees on Canal Street being blown over reminded us that these were the first American palm trees we ever saw. Sorry, sounds stupid, but we remember details like that. We're especially cross that we never ventured that far from the main Bourbon Street drag - hopefuly the city can pick itself up again.

The other, more amusing, bombshell, comes from Kentucky, where the governor took advantage of the chaos to the south to extricate himself from a hiring scandal in the most brazen way possible. Ernie Fletcher essentially issued a pre-emptive pardon to whoever might get caught up in it, and thus might squeal on him, and then decided to plead the fifth. Like Earl Long in the Paul Newman filum only somehow less classy.

You may procure more information on the whole sordid chapter here, although me must say that we're disappointed that there's nothing on the affair in the latest broadside from Tim. Now, Mr. Brown has been perfectly unpleasant to Mr. Fletcher and the GOP in the past - indeed his liberal use of the word goatf***er in this context is one reason we have not provided a permanent link to his site. So we must assume that the pressures of travel and press prevented him from following this episode more closely.

Still, been a while since we posted any multimedia here, so we shall regale you with this from Mississippi's own David Banner. We don't know how we came into this record, but think that it might have been hurled at our head one night in Freddy's. We have heard that Mr. Banner has repudiated his earlier work, and we can understand why. The production is a tad tinny, and doesn't fit that well with Banner's rather gruff delivery. But the title has it, and so the AAC appears below:

David Banner - "Mississippi"
Buy it here, even though neither the reviewers, nor Mr. Banner, have much time for it

[UPDATE: Huge amouts of flooding in NOLA right now, but if you think we're tasteless enough to post a certain Led Zeppelin song you'd be wrong. Same goes for a certain Arlo Guthrie song, for now).]


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