Monday, September 19, 2005

Frankie Says...

Dear, Gary Younge. You are apparently a very charming man, as well as a beloved frequent visitor to the mighty Tillies (just to freak you out right there). So we're going to note that there is a place where English people have been patronising white people with epithets like "tribal" for quite a while. It's called Northern Ireland, and while the practice may not be that wholesome, it does show that your pundits can be quite colour-blind in their silliness when they put their minds to it.

Oh, the post title. Crap. We were going to sling in some contrived stuff about, ya know, two tribes. Not post the tune or anything, just throw in the cultural references that enhance one's standing among the commentariat. But we got distracted namechecking obscure Fort Greene coffeeshops. Curses! BTW, the rest of the column's pretty smart. As we found once we got past the snark-worthy bits in the first paragraph.


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