Sunday, September 25, 2005

If You're A Sell Out And You Know It...

Instead of rejecting our somewhat erroneous reputation as Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-haters, maybe it's time to embrace it. We honestly didn't care too much either way - slightly angular indie bands that can't sing rarely stop the world spinning on its axis.

Still, via stereogum, evidence that Clap Your Hands... might have an unfair beef with the stableboy. From the Times:

"Too much popularity, after all, can diminish one's credibility."

Too late, Bond-san, too late, that horse has bolted. You were adorable back in, like, February, but it is fall now, and you have moved on to being the new Death Cab. Buh-byee!

Still, while we're on the subject of whiny unengaging Indie rock, we caught the Shins supporting the White Stripes at Keyspan yesterday. It's probably for the best that the Sub Pop guys aren't putting their kids through school on Tad reissues. But it's hard not to feel...betrayed.

But Brendan Benson, the undercard, were brilliant. And we're not just saying that because they're from Detroit. They were just more...coherent.

The White Stripes, though, most definitely are a coherent band. Co-ordinating the roadies' outfits? Now that is Martha Stewart-level coherent. Jack White's almost done with the between-song banter, yelping out the odd thank you or exhortation while changing instruments or just before a chorus.

But that's not to say they're not messy. Even silver-painted palm trees and a humungous grand piano couldn't change that. What's changed from two years ago at the Masonic temple is that Meg's got a lot better, and the Billy Joel moments have got better. Yes, we probably would prefer he stuck to channeling Blind Willie, but all those My Doorbell fans can't be all wrong.


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