Monday, December 05, 2005

Lunacide On Ice

It's also the time of the month when you are pointed the direction of Sugarzine to which Gringcorp is still contributing columns. This last was transmitted to the editrix from the LAN Chile VIP lounge in JFK's terminal 4. The wireless was only so-so, albeit much better than in any of the hotels we have visited in the last year. More importantly, we were dog-tired and a mite tipsy, and so the whole confection comes across as even more old-fashioned and camp than normal. It also borrows liberally from the post on the Stuckists we wrote last year.

We probably protested too much when we implied that the whole thing was a tissue of lies. if anything, we were a little too honest as to the limitations of our research, and would probably make a miserable living as a freelance music writer. For the record, though, most of it is true, and Billy Childish IS a living god. Quick moment of snark towards the hand that doesn't feed us, though - what sort of "new york city culture magazine" draws its writers from as far away as Honolulu, Oakland, and Brooklyn? Maybe they will be coming back here soon to become HUSTLERS.


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