Monday, December 05, 2005

Superman, He Found It In The Coal

So, congratulations to Evil E, (not, it must be stressed, mucker of Ice-T, and all-round pimp behind the wheel Evil E, but a civilian whose name has been changed to make him more dangerous) on getting affianced. This would not, as at least one celebrity blogger has suggested, an occasion for posting barbed Kanye videage.

Nope, we got some Sugar for you. It's rather appropriate, and one of the first Sugar songs on which David Barbe sings. Like a girl. We have it as the B-side to "If I Can't Change Your Mind", but you can find it on Sugar's B-sides compilation as well.

Sugar - "Where Diamonds Are Haloes"
Buy "Besides" here, working on the assumption you're not hardcore enough to buy the single

Would a mere one song posting be enough to celebrate this event? We think not. So we shall also pose a slightly barbed inquiry as to the date of the big day. It is from Chapel Hill's equally high-pitched popsters Superchunk, and was bought in the same sh*tey Cambridge vinyl emporium where we scored the wibbling Sebadoh. Not up there with "Precision Auto", or "New Low", but the chordage, it is good.

Sebadoh - "The Question Is How Fast"
Get your "On The Mouth" here

Finally the Forgotten NY Roughneck Cru hame come up with the Gowanus internet tour we have threatened since monkeys ruled the earth.


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