Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Wages Of..

Sluggish Neon Snakes
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The last time we tried taking pictures of skylines at night was in Hong Kong, and the results were a tad underwhelming. We'd forgotten the experience, since the only way we can handle the SAR is by getting very drunk.

But hot damn were we looking foward to taking a picture of the Manhattan skyline at night, oblivious to the fact that our Canon A70, while fine, was not going to be good for a long exposure night shot without a tripod.

Of course, we know this now, and did as best we could with the Manhattan Bridge as a support, but the results weren't those we dreamt about all day. Still, could have been worse - the batteries crapped out as soon as we got in range. A short trip BACK DOWN the bridge to a Chinatown Duane Reade for batteries, and we were back in business.

A quick note to drivers. You probably thought you were part of the plucky-New-Yorkers-Make-Do-In-The-Strike narrative. You weren't. You behaved appallingly, almost all of you.

a litany of blocked crosswalks, red lights run, and junctions gridlocked, your lack of consideration for the more numerous than normal pedestrians exceeded your lack of consideration for each other. But only just.

We probably should be hanging in there with you, and admiring your spirit, and no doubt some of you are good people. But mostly we're pretty happy - if a tad sore - at racing over the bridge in front of you.

The end of the transit strike is to be welcomed in part since we already have the above picture, and in part because tomorrow there will half as many of you around.


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