Saturday, December 17, 2005

Wind-Up City

There's something deliriously apt about the fact that our best stab at connectivity comes in the form of T-Mobile's hotspot in the departure lounge at Heathrow airport. The morning's news was strange - the President had been told by the Senate that it did not trust him to run the War On Terror. We've spent a (probably healthy) period away from the blogs, except for a brief moment yesterday, when they all seemed to be rather absorbed in something Dan Froomkin wrote. Who is Dan Froomkin? Exactly.

But this Patriot defeat is peculiar. You might call it a sign that we've become more relaxed about the threat since 9-11. But the blogs left have been reasonably sober about the defeat. Given that there has been almost no effort to call the dissenters Traitors and Cowards, it's hard to avoid the conclusion that the leader of the free world is now considered no more fit to launch the might of the world's last superpower at its internal enemies than he is to run a whelk stall. The business with the clandestine surveillance probably didn't help.

The preceding paragraphs may have made sense, or they may not. We're running on four hours right now, on the back of a night out rocking the mighty Royal Oak. The Harveys Best was more than tolerable, and the pies were magnificent. But we're about ready to quiche right now.

A day ago we'd have ended this post by saying that tonight we rock Michigan Avenue. But tis not to be. In this situation, then, we could post this, but the lyrics aren't very apt at all, even if the title is. So we'll chuck on some Underworld. Not very rare or anything, but very good right here.

Underworld - "Dark & Long (Dark Train)"
Purchase "1992-2002" here. Or Dubnobasswithmyheadman. To be honest we're beyond caring right now


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