Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Blogging Of The Commute

Well, they do say that bloggers are self absorbed little scumclowns, so here goes it. After a night's mindless drinking we woke up to Cutesome cussing out the labour breakdown. Feh, thought we, this will be a good day to stay in bed. But NY1 became so boring, we thought we might as well go to work.

Only 70 minutes it took us, too. We walked quickly, taking care to avoid the attack dogs and roving Markowitzes. Zoomed over the Manhattan Bridge in no time, and even managed to take a few pictures, which we will post in a little bit. Very smug, we're feeling this morning, except for the bit where we walked past the same place we'd been drinking last night. Made us comprehend the futility of modern existence and all that.


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