Friday, January 06, 2006

Strami In A Teacup

Most of us know now that there are three legendary delis in New York City, and the outlook for them isn't good. We've given you a run-down already on Katz and the Carnegie. Now, courtesy of the New York Times (reg req'd, but have a go at the blogs as well), comes news that the number three, the Second Avenue Deli may be forced to close.

It was a victim of the blossoming East Village real estate market, and is not a good omen for its brother Katz, slightly further downtown. I've long suspected that the rents that restaurants have to deal with midtown are one reason why the Carnegie Deli is so crowded and so schmaltzy. The Carnegie has a reasonable slab of meat on offer, but you wouldn't go there to relax with a beer and a latke. I fear wicked renovations are afoot.


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