Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Trench Town Rock

Bah, blog neophytes, you have only recently been drawn in to this "Republicans are evil, corrupt and stupid" meme. Suddenly this funny gentleman is splashed all over the morning papers as the most evil man in modern congressional political history. Well, the bits that aren't dashing the hopes of miners' families.

The rotten living conditions of much of West Virginia (seceded from Virginia in 1863, as I just discovered), aside, the Jack Abramoff scandal is already descending into questions of the man's sartorial taste. Which is, naturally, a much easier subjecct for me to distill and compress than politics or geology.

so, we'll bring you a run-down, by no means exhaustive, of the top comparisons to Jack's spooky attire:

  • Gawker likes comparing the man to Inspector Gadget. Momentarily convincing, although needless to say, Gadget rocks a grey trenchcoat.

  • Wonkette is suffering during the Cox-let's book-pimping leave. It settles for "Retro-Capone Look". Feh.

  • The winner, weirdly enough, is the winger. Very tough-sounding right-wing blog the Ace Of Spades notes an uncanny resemblance to Indy's nemesis...

Gringcorp, needless to say, also rocks a black trenchcoat. Cutesome makes me look sooper bad-ass by accident.


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