Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Woodwinds From Hell

Alright kids, I'll keep it brief. It's late, I've spent another day chained to one of these monstrous PC creatures, and I've had to work for a living pour encourager les autres. Sucks. It's now 9.30, and I've spent a jolly old few hours with Cutesome at the Biltmore Room marveling that we could make three years of it. Fortunately, however, I had the presence of mind to hunt down something truly flute-driven and evil.

This comes from Montreal's dark lords of woodwind-infused Goth metal - Howling Syn. They woke up this morning to find that they were under the vile rule of the Tories, which is not very metal at all. They'll live, provided they keep taking the bat's blood and staying true to black metal.

All hail!

Howling Syn - "Dark Chivalry"
Buy "Forebearers Of Dusk" here. It's sort of a cottage operation, only Goth. So it's more like a cave operation or something

[N.B. This is Day Two Of The Parade Of Flutes]


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