Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Eat, Drink, In Remembrance Of Him

Little bit of a shout out to the Anglican/Episopalian rendering of the eucharistic process, there. Ooops, it's actually 1 Corinthians 11:24, you moron. Anyway, trying to get married in a real live Anglican church will do this to one's brain.

But we're not reallly here to talk about G-d, we're here to talk about Marty Markowitz, who is almost the opposite - knowable, unknowing, lacking grace, and has the wrath of an earwig. Now that our idiot, clown boy, Borough President is safely back in Borough Hall, and has no more elections to fight right now, he has been pleasantly muted. And I'm not drawing your attention to him by way of a fresh aesthetic atrocity, either.

No, I refer you to Brooklyn Restaurant Week, which is held the week beginning Monday 3rd April. It's modelled on a larger Manhattan institution, where you pay around $20 for a three-course meal. Probably the only bit of me-too-ism from Marty that's remotely tolerable.

Restaurant week prix fixe portions tend to be a bit skimpier than the a la carte options (*cough* Applewood *cough*), although given the savage economic consitions of the restaurant trade we more or less forgive them. The exception here is Tempo, which I can't praise enough, and usually gives you too much. The restaurant week portions are merely manageable, and the food is the best I've tasted.

Quick question, though. When did the bit of Cobble Hill that used to be owned by Red Hook become the Columbia Waterfront District? I susect tossers, or worse, real estate agents, at work here.


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