Sunday, March 19, 2006

Saints And Winners

The weekend has been, sad to say, a relatively restrained one. Friday started promisingly enough, and lunchtime was spent with a bloody burger in one hand, and pint of bass ale in the other. After a brief pause for the love of dayjob, the merriment continued at Mustang Grill where we celebrated the life of the man that rid Ireland of snakes (watch for devious planes, kids!) with several hundred suburban emergency workers. Thence to somewhere less unformed but more cramped, somewhere not remotely Hibernian, and a pierogi joint.

I finished up at Pianos catching The Kelly Affair. I still can't think of much to describe them with apart from mentioning Sleater-Kinney, but be assured that this is a reflection much more of my meager critical abilities than their musical abilities. They were on good form, though the gin helped. The weekend since then has been a whirl of acts of worship and Park Slope hostelries. Oh, and a tiny bit of record buying, about which more later.

I just googled the blog's name, and the second result up was this from the Brooklyn Papers on the Brooklyn Brewery flap from a month ago. Not much to take issue with, apart from getting me (fake) name wrong, and possibly misunderstanding the slant of that letter I wrote. I still have no issue with Brooklyn Lager, or even Mr. Hindy's business practices. My main issue is with his interest in the real estate game, which I feel is misguided and naive.

So, I'll be over in Hong Kong for most of the week, not to any great purpose. In the mean time, here's some tech-house-legends-unleash-hell-on-handbag-classic six minutes of joy for yer. Stay local.

Basement Jaxx - "Red Alert (Eric Morillo + Harry Romero Dub)"
The "Red Alert"? It can be found here in digital glory. Not at all what you just scoffed. That had crackling


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