Monday, March 20, 2006

Tale Of Two Companies

A nice end to today, which in other respects resembled a Kafka-esque nightmare. If Kafka was a lying clown that thought that Customer Service rep meant "teller of convoluted and mostly untrue stories". The upshot is I'm looking to move my money out of the utterly awful HSBC, and move it to Citibank. If the Consumerist is uninterested, maybe we will share the reasons for this with you one day.

But it ended with Cathay Pacific being awesome and bumping me up to business. You. Rock. Cathay. Made utterly pointless the suite of alcohol and sleep-aids I lined up, but there ya go.

Hong Kong airline - good. Hong Kong bank - incompetent junkies.

The Black Keys - "Have Love Will Travel (Version)"
Fetch "The Moan" here. Although you'd be forgiven for failing to see the point. I think that might be my second of this EP

[Update - Hello, Consumeristicles. Mandarin Oriental (8am check-in? No problem!) also less badly-run Hong Kong outfit that HSBC].


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