Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Future Needle

Future Needle
Originally uploaded by Gringcorp.
As promised, a night-time view of Kuala Lumpur. After the majesty of Hong Kong, New York, or possibly even Singapore, it's hard to get excited about Kuala Lumpur. The ground-level seediness is refreshing, but the space buildings are, to be frank, pretty tame.

Still you can see a view of my hotel room, rather thaan my usual charmless tactic of taking pictures of the view from it. Which will give you a hint as to which mind-bendingly scatty outfit I am currently lodging with.

It is currently the rainy season in Malaysia, which means that every day at 2 o'clock the streets run like rivers, lightning strikes, and I feel smug about having a raincoat until about five minutes after it stops.


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