Friday, July 28, 2006

The Gigantic-Azz Kanye West Sunglasses Of Doom

Among the things I have missed this summer so far are:

1) Most of the outdoor gigs I wanted to go to
2) Most of the gigs I promised myself I would take Mrs. Cutesome to
3) The sun
4) The sand
5) The torrential rain
6) Every single blockbuster apart from The pirates (Is good, by the way, although it has, plot-wise, a bit of the Empire about it.)

And even when I've had a chance to go to seed, I've decided to abandon my roots and career around the outposts of gentrification. This is wrong.

I've also neglected to keep an eye on the draft environmental impact statement on the Atlantic Yards project, and to ridicule some of the city politicians hoping against all hope that the project will somehow turn out to be popular.

But most importantly, I've negelcted to note that Freddy's is serving a new beer. Me, who had the whole sordid idea of not drinking the old one. I am a faithless wench and will be down there toot sweet. If Mrs. Cutesome lets me.


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