Friday, June 30, 2006


Oh my word. I was flailing around looking for something to post about, and usually give up Fridays, what with the bar being so close. And then up cropped professional victim Michelle Malkin to talk about "jihad rap".

Michelle has this new, suspiciously well-funded videoblogging outfit called Hot Air. And before any of you say "the internet and electronics revolution has made all of us look like potential professional news anchors", go and look at this. I think after two minutes of that drunken Long Island housewife-style lunacy you'll be ready to agree that some crazy right-wing foundation indeed pays the big bucks to make Malkin look less crazy.

Malkin's a funny character, the sort of kid that grievously insults someone in the most sober tones possible, and then goes "what?" when the insults come flying back. Malkin once compiled a whole book of hurtful comments and emails left for her, without once explaining that it would require a whole lot more evidence to make us think it was anyone apart from her that left them there.

Her latest rant concerns a subject about which she knows nothing. We know that because the first band she calls up is Fun-Da-Mental, who have been unwise enough to call their latest album "All Is War: The Benefits Of G-Had" , and one of their singles "Why America will go to hell".

Inflammatory stuff, although those of us who have actually listened to their music will remember the "Dog Tribe" single (link to quicktime movie here), which posits the idea that minorities might get a little bit upset and violent at racist treatment, and includes an answerphone message left by neo-nazi thugs with them. Malkin, who has made a career of being blithely ignorant of the effects of racist treatment of minorities, played the video on her little vblog anyway.

You should probably watch it just to get a little snapshot about how angry rappers around the world are, and some of the beats are pretty good. You'll just have to grin through Malkin's snot-faced and risible appropriation of hip-hop argot, and her clueless distortions of the background of most of her subjects.

VOID "Dehumanized"
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