Thursday, August 10, 2006


Short restaurant review here. There's a cursed restaurant spot on 6th Avenue and Sterling that used to house a Japanese restaurant that went under. This Japanese joint, called firstly Yakitori Canteen, and then Y Sushi Canteen in a bid to reach the healthy Sloper demographic, never really caught on. See, Sixth Avenue doesn't get a lot of foot traffic, or any other traffic, and there are few examples of restaurant nearby that have been able to make a go of it. Hunan Delight being an exception and St Mark's Bistro proving me dead right.

The new place in this spot is a soul food place called Sadie Mae's Cafe, and it will sell you a half fried chicken for 13 bucks, thank you very much. We went there last night, and I have to agree with this poster. It's balls. Slow, flavourless, badly cooked. I think there is room for some midprice soul food, since Biscuit (RIP) and some of the places on Fulton and Vanderbilt do it pretty well. But you have to be very careful, lest you end up going the same way as P Diddy's Mum's place

To be honest what I think the spot needs is an utterly obsessive and over-the-top place run by a compulsive Frenchman, not unlike, say, Applewood, although word from the developmentally challenged colleague in advertising that sits opposite me is that Applewood is struggling. So you might want to troop down to Red Hook in future. Anyway, I'm only going to be a little sorry (and that mostly on account of the very nice server) when the red ink swallows it - given how many items were unavailable last night I think the death spiral might have begun.


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