Friday, July 28, 2006

Bring On The Clone Defects

And now, as promised, the root of my musical dilemma for the weekend. Yesterday, today and tomorrow is the Dot Dash festival at Southpaw. Well, there's a mini-free show at Magnetic field further downtown on Saturday, but the main action is in the Slope.

Not, as I had first surmised, a means of resuscitating the International Pop Overthrow festival, but a more garagey mix of new bands and some seriously sad old punks. Should be monster fun, although reforming all of these bands means that the ticket price is a little higher than normal.

Brooklyn Vegan does the highlights much better than I could. But doesn't say whether the Friday or the Saturday show is better. The Hentchmen I've seen - I know 'em, I love 'em. The Little Killers I have one mp3 by, and they are pretty much the skankiest band on my iPod. And they're on different days. Bugger.

Little Killers - "Spider"
Buy the "Little Killers" using the power of the inexplicably highly-ranked

The Hentchmen - "Accusatory"
Yes, I appreciate that on current posting trends you will have "The Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit" in its entirety by 2008. But you really should buy it now


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