Friday, July 18, 2008

Wurst Case Scenario

Killmeyer's, Staten Island
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The mad props from Sewell Chan's magisterial City Room (I'm the HATING link, obviously) reminded me that it was time to give you a little report on my recent activities.

I''ve said it before, and I'll say it again, Tottenville Beach is lies, but that's not to say that the lower reaches of Richmond County are utterly without charm. A few months back, Mrs. Cutesome and I, on the way back from the Elizabeth branch of Ikea, stopped at the Nurnberger Bierhaus in West Brighton. That beer hall comes highly recommended, particularly for the food, though I did not have a chance to sample the garden.

Mrs Cutesome has spent the last week in Detroit with the spawn, leaving me to indulge my yen for convoluted exploration and heavy metal. I got a quick fix yesterday, traipsing around Williamsburg with the intention of the checking out the Deathgasm Records showcase at Europa. Unfortunately, I stopped by Dumont beforehand, and a lethal combination of mac n' cheese and muscadet left me unable to face the rigours of a dark and evil hole. Heh.

For what it's worth, I appear to have also missed quite a few Siren Festival warm-up shows, but since the festival line-up was the first in a few years that looked a bit bobbins I'm not that bothered.

But I did make it to Killmeyers. If you like beer then you need to go here soon. It's as simple as that. I don't care if (like me), you needed to get on the Aitrain from dropping off Mrs. Cutesome at the airport, connect to the Long Island Railroad to Penn Station, take the 4, which was running down the 1,2,3 to Bowling Green for some reason, then the Staten Island Ferry to St George, and then the S74 to the intersection of Sharrots and Arthur Kill in the Charleston section of the Borough, or that it took the S74 to the S45 to the R train to get back. You need to go. The beer is top notch, the bartender Rob is a keeper, and the garden is tolerable.

The food may be better at Loreley, another German beer place that, by a strange coincidence, I visited this week. But Killmeyer's manages to simultaneously not care about who shows up and also put on quite an entertaining show. However, in keeping with the tradition that most of what is written about Staten Island is nonsense, I have to point out at the lady in NY Mag claiming that the S74 takes half an hour to get there is off by at least 100%. There was no traffic that afternoon and the ride was well over an hour. Bring a book. Or a car.

Have a nice weekend. Familial responsibilities beckon.


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