Monday, June 28, 2004

A**wipes Anonymous

Speechless with rage at American Airlines (no link needed, as you'll know if you are either a recovering drunk or a British car enthusiast) - one cancelled flight, one broken down plane, and one lost reservation in the course of 24 hours. Top work. Fervent prayers they go the way of United and US Air although I must say their staff are quite pleasant while going about being awe-inspringly incompetent.

Big up to the Chicagy Gay Pride parade, although the screaming cops were a little jarring. I know the New York Cops have this reputation for being a little evol, but they have tended to be largely silent and deadly recently. But the Chicagy cops are super-badass, and really give you a mouthful. I think the spirit of '68 still resides in them. Speaking of massive police intemperance, did you see that William Bratton has decided to look at whether it is a good idea for cops to beat people up with flashlights? Looks like he's got a harder job than we thought cleaning that force up. Even Rudi did not have to weigh in with a "no broomsticks" rule.


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