Friday, September 10, 2004

Claris Works, Anyone?

Gringcorp's evening computer, the delightful iBook G4, does not carry Microsoft Word, since Microsoft has decided it will cost us $300. We decided that the one that came with the Mac would do nicely.

As such, we are always amused by people, usually first time computer users, that assume that in word processing there has always been a choice between Microsoft Word and the Guttenburg bible printing method. The fact that Word can replicate the Bush memos proves nothing, and to use it as proof that the Bush memos are fake seems to dismiss some very hardcore work in typesetting in the last 100 years.

Seems to be the sort of logic that would come from people who were told by computer salesmen that they "will be amazed what the PC can do for your PTA newsletter".

So the Texas Air National Guard used a confusing jumble of equipment. They were also home to a Champagne squadron that lost one of its best-connected, er, ace pilots, for almost a year. Expecting them to score uniform IBM gear seems a tad optimistic.


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