Monday, October 25, 2004

In Excelsis

Well, well, well, Gringcorp finally joins the tarterati, blogging via wireless from a hotel in San Diego. The day job brings us here, but we wanted to keep you all toasty. We have very little to say, though, except to note that we had a fine meal at Gia, one that was much finer than the linked review suggests. We might add that the staff, while not hugely attentive, were very polite, and the food makes a welcome change from the fine, if unassuming homely fare that crops up all over the borough. This was feisty as damn.

Anyway, Gringcorp is sharing a drink with an associate, so this is very antisocial. More on SD next time we're alone in a hot spot. We're not in the window of Gorilla Coffee, any more, Dorothy.


At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That review of Gia you linked did not give the restaurant justice - I thought the food was excellent and the portions, for haute cuisine, were huge, at least with the entrees. The service was a bit lacking, though.


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