Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Yellow Doze Of Jersey City

Sometimes we feel truly blessed to live in America, especially when it affords us so many opportunities to laugh at misinformed Guardian columnists. Today's stinker comes courtesy of Jonathan Freedland, who went to a canned Bush rally in New Jersey, and was, like, really scared of the creepy religious dudes. Jonathan paints a slightly less vivid picture of the campaigning Republican crowd than Megadeth's Symphony Of Destruction video. We should note at this point, however, that that video ends with the candidate being shot, something we do not endorse, and that Jonathan Freedland Vs Megadeth will always be scored in the corner of metal. As far as can tell from the artwork to their new album, they will now take on Bush. Be very afraid - Megadeth are very casual users of words like Armageddon, Vortex and Crush.

Our other big beef against Mr. F is his suggestion that yellow ribbons are the sinister perversion by the religious right of the ribbons for AIDs and the like. Wrong. Dead wrong. By misrepresenting the yellow ribbon tradition, Freedland makes it very hard for us to take the rest of his observations from Middle America seriously. That Republicans are mean, focused, and not ones to be plagued by doubts, however, Freedland does well to note. Anything that gets people reading the Suskind article on the loopiness that has consumed the White House is by and large a good thing.


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