Thursday, October 28, 2004

Link Wry

We dare say you would like the definitive report on San Diego from the asexual pan-omniscient being, and god of cultural observation, that is Gringcorp, but our wanderings consisted of a hurried meal in Pacific Beach, a brief romp through the Gaslamp/Gaslight district, which seemed to be a slew of sports bars separated by roads that were too wide to make the area human. By California standards we'd say it was quite cozy, but a Sloper would probably develop acute agoraphobia. The flooding capped our visit to the area, slowing our early-morning ride to the airport, and flooding the unlit parking lot at our hotel. Wet bum!

Two rather droll pieces of flotsam today. First, the Ashlee Simpson Karaoke Edition iPod. Second, news that a Floridian with a marine fixation tried to cure his girlfriend's Kerry leanings with a screwdriver. Proof that avoiding telly during the next week might be a very good thing.


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