Monday, November 01, 2004

Suck My Phonezapper

Bow down before our might, New York State Deputies Association, Inc, and your feeble attempt to raise cash from us. Non-charitable you may be, non-PAC you may be, exempt from the do-not-call legislation you may be. In fact, your squalid little outfit may feel that its fundraising stooges, Midwest Publishing, have every right to call Gringcorp at home.

But you are weak. If you cannot listen to rant from Gringcorp about not being a citizen, not being able to vote, but paying taxes, and how all this violates the principles of the constitution, then how will you solicit all that cash from the diminishing band of people crazy enough to have a home phone? We were halfway through our diatribe when we realised that the shark who had called us up had been replaced by a dial tone. That's right, a telemarketer had hung up on us. Lightweights.


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