Monday, February 28, 2005

Eine Kleine Riffmusik

Yes, we have been a bit light in the posting, but the day job has been even more vile than normal. We did finally jump into the same green-tinted cultural pool as the rest of you, taking in both the Gates and the Oscars. The Gates were fun - we think - in the way the eurotrash creators hoped. They don't really work when cropped by a viewfiinder, or even viewed from above. But ambling around, taking them in, watching them arrayed like cavalry on the ridges, that was a fine thing to do. We were even presented with an ACTUAL piece of the fabric that they used on the Gates. We will add it to our surreptitiously dislodged piece of Berlin Wall and denture molds in a creepy darkened shoebox.

The Oscars, now they sucked. just ghastly from start to finish. Any show bookended by Star Jones and a kick in the teeth to Marty Scorcese should be banned everywhere but Albania, where they find the humor in the darnedest places. Like Norman Wisdom. What the hell does Ms. S have to make to get these senile, sentimental fools to give him an award? Complex, (reasonably) well-acted evocations of Hollywood's golden age? Check. A good quarter of the best New York movies? Check. Does a child have to die or something for him to get an award? Don Cheadle robbed, Chris Rock funny but really at the wrong show, and Beyonce everywhere. It was like Phil collins was the producer.

We think that one of the limeys, who cleaned up in the technical Oscars but blew every single acting shot, said "bollocks" on air, which would have been nice, but we were busy making toad-in-the-hole right then. Thanks the lord for gin.


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