Thursday, February 24, 2005

Mo Money

We never did a particularly good job of following the baseball, possibly because we're of limey stock, or maybe because the Mets disappeared down the toilet with some aplomb before we got properly into this.

But we always remember the players we heartily dislike, and we can tell you that Mo Vaughn is the prince of Mets players we have disliked, with Todd Zeile as his gormless grand vizier. Getting the pubescent Long Island monkeyclowns up in the gods booing is not, we will own, difficult. But in volume, Mo Vaughn sent them to ever greater heights during the 2002 season.

There is something in the diligent soul of the people of Nassau and Suffolk County that revolved at what they witnessed. this aging slugger with an obviously ropey knee collecting a gigantic paycheck from their beloved Amazins and producing ninguno. The contract kept paying while he was injured.

Now, Mo does have his defenders, but more representative is, we think, one Rally Monkey, a fan of Mo's pre-Mets team, the Angels. Here you shall find many crudely Photoshopped pictures of Mo dressed as a woman.

But we digress, because we wanted to bring to your attention this item from Gothamist, which notes that Mo now wants to spend Mets fans' hard-earned cash on becoming a slum-lord. Sorry, improver of low income housing.

Mo's company, Omni, gets to take over some run-down apartments in the Bronx, courtesy of a $28.6 million loan from HUD. Which carries very little risk. Yuh-huh, Mo has discovered two ways to rake it in for very little effort at all.


At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Tom Seaver said...

Mo Vaughn has got the bulletproof projects on LOCKDOWN. Peg City Holla!


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