Friday, February 25, 2005

Ohmigod. I Will Never Wash this Post Again

Yes, while we were rocking Peperoncinio last night, we had a VIP pop up in our comments. All thanks to the beauty of Technorati, which lets cranks and perverts try and work out who else is making the link between Camilla and Marty Markowitz. What with resources on Lebanon being farily thin on the ground, looking for Lebanon brings in few goodies.

So, who should grace us, goes our whois-powered guess, than the Instapundit himself? The Instapundit is the Eddy Merckx of the conservative blogosphere, slightly shaggy-looking and possessed of some very peculiar fans. He did not bless us with an Instalanche, but left a short and deft rebuttal. Anyway, he is now our favourite rightist blogger, much better than Powerline, who produce a very poor show for a blog named after a late-period Husker Du song.

Still, the comment gives us the crux of the neoconservative argument, which rests on the assumption that there is something new and ahistorical at work in many oppressed societies. Thaat would be a shame, since we still think comparative history is a valuable thing to bring to political analysis, provided it doesn't rely too much on pat Vietnam/Iraq comparisons. But it's had a hard knock from the rise of analytical modelling, which has squeezed the artistry in history to a very narrow corner, and has allowed some very, um, bold assumptions to take root in poltical analysis.

First do no harm, we're going to grumble, before we note he seems to have liked our fatuous Orange Revolution comparison as a lede to one of his recent posts. With a little excerpt showing that all the varied ethnicities are indeed linking arms in the face of the Syrian brutes. Bless. Back to metal and restaurants, we guess.


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