Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Edith Piaf, There She Was Crooning

Awesomely intransigent performance from Ken Livingstone there. He's got Tony Blair, he's got Lord Janner, he's got the entire press on his back. And he regrets nothing. He refuses to apologise for comparing a Daily Mail reporter to a concentration camp guard, but says that he did not mean to cause ofence to holocaust survivors.

And then does exactly what he always does when asked to apologise, launch into a lengthy description of exactly what the Evening Standard and Daily Mail's ties to fascism are. We have to say, we are very impressed that the little newt-fancier still wants to take on Associated Newspapers. One day, this bizarre and inept little crusade will get the respect it deserves.

More transatlantic froideur. Former intoxicant and methodist George W. Bush does not want Charles and Camilla to stay at the White House when they are in the US because they are "too high church". George Bush is said to object to the future leader of the Church of England's dangerous interest in incense and a less austere religion.

Either that, or he figures that throwing a less attractive and popular woman than Diana out of the House, on the grounds that she's divorced, might score him some points. You decide.

Should we promise you some more stadium witterings? Yuh-huh!


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