Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Fresh Beastliness

Or cutting your nose off to spite your face, or being a dog-in-the-manger, as Gringcorp's birth-giver once put it.

But Cablevision still keeps giving us reasons not to hate it. It has offered the MTA $600 million for the railyards where the Jets want to build a stadium. They're claiming that the land would be ripe for property development. We still think that this means maintaining the monopoly position of Cablevision's Madison Square Garden is worth a fairly similar amount.

Almost atones for the recent jazz-nasty Anna Levin ads that MSG is now producing. The mighty Daily News has more.

OK gentlemen, cross your legs now, unless you already picked this up from Gawker. This from Wales, the home of Rugby and idiocy. A man got so drunk that he turned himself into a eunuch. Anyone who says Brits can handle their drink is now officially a liar...

[Stadium update: According to the Times the MTA is considering the Cablevision offer, but in true Dolan style, there are one or two strings attached...]


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