Thursday, February 03, 2005


So, while the State Of The Union address was raging we were mostly cooking up some pasta (not, we must confess from scratch), reading a book about the Ptomelies (the book report is about 100 pages away), and learning how to use syndicated content. Not to put the mighty Gumby Fresh on Atom, although five minutes on google has convinced us it is very feasible, but how to get a measure of control over all these blogs we keep checking.

So we downloaded Shrook, and we'll see if we'll pay for it, since it does seem to deliver Instapundit and Kos (see how broadminded the foreigner is!) au'omatically. Whether we achive even the slightest productivity saving is too early to tell.

But we caught the last paragraph (we'll link to page seven of the Times transcript, even though it will soon be dust in the wind) of the speech by Mr. Bush. We are glad we did not catch more, because for the entire thing that man's head would have been framed by the ugliest men alive - Cheney and Hastert.

We're still puzzling over this line:

The fall of imperial communism was only a dream, until one day it was accomplished.

Why the adjective "imperial", for starters? When would a Republican need to modify Communism? Communism is always bad, even when it is the only well-behaved secular party in all of Iraq, right? Is George now happy with Communists that keep themselves to themselves? We hear the ghost of Ronald Reagan and the sprawl of Henry Kissinger on the phone to the White House right now. "But those Communists are the only ones its easy to get rid of, George!"

We know that George is alive to the legacy of Reagan, because in this very sentence he regurgitates the myth, even at the expense of the fair English language, that Ronnie defeated Communism. We need to stress here: Communism fell, note the instransitive verb, and could not be accomplished. In fact, there are only 28 mentions on all of the web for the phrase "fall was accomplished". Doesn't happen, not even MBAs can do it. Massive mismanagement and an arms race can cause a fall, massive deficits likewise. But falls are not accomplished, unlike, er, missions. They take place.

Oh well, enough pedantry, no point raging incoherently about a teleprompter. We'll leave you with news that the Kinkstah is running for governor of Texas. Hooray!


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