Friday, February 18, 2005

Fade It Hack

Crikey, another busy day, where we will refrain from writing to much, except to urge you to read the latest post at the mighty detroitblog, which has a deserved place in our Links section. Here, the author breaks into the holy grail of Detroit's abandoned buildings, and finds it to be only barely abandoned.

But we do have something to crow about, namely our perfect record of celeb spotting at the Tribeca Grill. We have been there three times before, largely because it is the nearest joint to Citigroup's investment banking HQ. and on those occasions we caught Ron Howard, Harvey Weinstein, and, yes, Bobby hanging out.

Today was not looking good, we must confess, but then along came a chap with a curly cord coming out of his ear. He loitered around in the ante-room, while we conjured up images of all sorts of famous politicians. Hopefully not Chuck, since he's a tad played out.

But no! It was top craggy but balding law enforcement official Ray Kelly! Accepting the judgement of the Tripartite Commission on where drugs could be sold! Or just having lunch, we suppose. We informed our dining companion, who lives in a glue-filled cave, that the police commissioner was at the next table. "But he doesn't have a moustache!" wailed the little junkie. If only our profiteroles were fashioned from Nyquil, we think.


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