Saturday, February 19, 2005

Ukes Of Fury

It's not often that we are administered a stern beating in the arena of obscure and whimsical musotica. So, when we announce to our colleagues that we are "going to Barbes to check out some phat hawaiian steel string guitare music, with loads of ukeleles", we're not really looking for a response. But one of them snaps right back "I've already got a favorite ukelele band, they're called Ukes Of Hazzard, and they do a kick-ass cover of Sweet Child Of Mine on the harp". Speechlessness does not come naturally to us, but it seemed like the only reasonable response, in the circumstances.

We decided that it was time for some jaunty and rarified thrills last night, but things got off to an inauspicious start at Loki Lounge, which is famous locallly for enduring a renovation where NOTHING changed. Belleville did the normal excellent chicken thing, and then we rolled our well-fed derrieres to Barbes. Where The Moonlighters had already started.

We first caught the Moonllighters at the Mercury Lounge supporting this Tex-Mex model/singer type creature with a fat sweaty backing band called Patricia Vonne, and Edith Frost, who would be justifiably angry if called a low-rent Kristin Hersh. They were not very metal at all, but very soothing, and they had cred because at the time they had Henry Bogdan, formerly of hardcore heroes Helmet, on steel string geetar. We followed them for a few months, Williamsburg, even Manhattan, you name it.

Bogdan's gone, replaced by a very nice gentleman called Mike, but the jazzy 20s and 30's songs, as well as a few old-time union and protest songs, are still there. But they seem a bit more sedate than formerly, the occupants of a ppleasant, and comfortable, rut. According to Carla Murray, the very charming guitarist, and half of the amazing harmonising with Bliss Baxter, they're available for weddings. And corporate events. But we had drunk too much wine. And so to bed.


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