Sunday, April 10, 2005

Rock Lobster

The first day of spring comfortably exceeded the expectations of the weather-fiends. So there was only one thing do do - hit the park, drink wine outside, and get good and sunburnt. Hence the B-52s reference. By the time that the unexpected charms, and uncanny resemblance to the Tavern On Dean, of Sepia we were quite purple (follow the link for other places to get wild n' drunk n' burnt).

We followed the crimsoning of our right side with a visit to Woodbury Premium Outlets, the upstate cheap-trouser joint. Brimming with foreigners, including a sizeable contingent of Chavs. We have half a mind to submit it to Chav Towns if we thought the anxious middle class strivers that seem to populate their message boards would appreciate it.


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