Saturday, May 07, 2005

Kilo Bright

We seem to be approaching the 1000 mark for visits since we had Sitemeter installed. That goes back, we suppose, till January, and averages out at about 13 a day. Assuming that the Shadow of Gringcorp falls once a day, then you are therefore the Gumby Dozen, a hardly onerous position that involves absolutely no filleting of the Hun whatsoever.

Last night we caught Bill Maher's show yet again, after we got back from Houston. We thouught it might be a repeat, because there was Andrew Sullivan propping up the edge of the table, along with Michael McKean and Kim Thingy who used to run Canada. Sully was on awesome form, at times angry andd defiant, much more anti-Bush than before, but passionately defending the religious against those who would tar them with the same brush as their leaders. It was raather moving, even for this atheist, and Maher barely knew what to do next. Good for Sully.

Up next for your rock pig, a soiree at the Doubles Club. If you're good, we reach 1000, and cutesome permits, maybe we shall post an impression.


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