Tuesday, May 10, 2005

You Once Headed The Oxford Union. That Means That Your Name Will Always Be Mud Here

Sorry about that, just exorcising our college demons there. It is true, though that Arianna, who insists on keeping the name of her former, now gay, husband, was once president of the gang of manipulative windbags that is the Oxford Union. and that disqualifies her, in our view, from any place in polite society whatsoever. The only person who EVER rocked the Union was Gold Blade's John Robb, with an inspired anti-Beatles rant.

We digress only mildly from the main point of our post, which is that we're sodded if we can load her new group blog. Which means either that the whole thing is some ginormous joke whose punchline we have been unable to google, or computer science has dished up a suitable rebalancing of Arianna's karma for all that youthful hackery. The Google cache is not much use, either.

[UPDATE: We just read it from our home computer. A blog by people that don't read blogs, yet all sounnds strangely familiar? That's the Blues, of the Huff explosion]


At 10:06 PM, Anonymous Bazza said...

Oddly, Mig-hell and I were unable to access Gumbyfresh (or any blogspot/blogger/Google site) for a couple of hours. Did you jam that s**t up with your erudition?


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