Friday, June 24, 2005

Of Morons And Their Court Rulings

So, we can grab a little bit of time at the end of Friday (London time) to rant a bit more about our homeland. We also sort of trying to avoid a looming thunder storm outside. But you will be pleased to know that we have been, er, approved for re-entry, and should, god and the mail willing, be back over spouting this drivel about a small stretch of Fifth Avenue rather than a small strip of St Bride's street.

Realty TV holds an occasional attraction for us, especially the type practiced by the flamboyant loons that inhabit US screens. The version with commoners is less exciting, if only because the performers are more likely to be nasty, brutish and short. But for god's sake entertain us, and remember that's what you're there for. Big Brother, the earliest of the realty shows, fancies itself as a bit of anthropology in action, which means it's slightly cheaper, and it

The person we were watching it with fancied themselves as a bit of a mini-Burchill, only less frightening and provocative. They certainly didn't like us calling the chimps in the Big Brother house "morons", even though every single one of them, with their tedious catchphrases, petty and inexplicable squabbles, fits of surliness, and complete obliviousness to their own best interests, most assuredly was.

We won't bore you with a run-down on each character, except to note that the only characters that seem to make any practical contribution to the welfare of their housemates are likely to be expelled by the same. The conversation between them has made us want to drink ourselves to death and the arguments between them make us ashamed of our homeland. In fact the only reason we're sat at work writing this entry is that there's a horrible likelihood it will be on tonight.

So a more concise answer than we gave to the Burchill child is this. We don't look down on them, we don't think we're superior, we just thing their actions and attitudes are a disgrace to humans everywhere. 350 million media studies graduates can't be wrong and all that. But these people need to be sent to work on floating fish processing factories for eternity.

A Brief aside. We note with trepidation the horrible supreme court ruling in the Kelso versus New London case, which says essentially that people cannot be trusted to yuppify neighborhoods themselves, and can be forced to sell their property to well-connected developers to achieve the same.

This does, you're damn right, look bad for the owners of Freddy's, who would now have to sell their land to some guy who says that watching basketball is a better use of one's spare time than arguing with drunks. It removes one obstacle to the building of a stupid arena that no-one wants in our adopted section. There are, however, others. We will need them.


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