Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Boozy Hat Syndrome

We honestly weren't going to post yet again today. But we've got visitors, and we've run out of clear liquor (single malt in August? Hmmmm...). So we'll post a song from our not entirely hip friends in Cracker. Possibly the weirdest moment we ever had when being given a tour of a former, ah, acquaintance's record collection was when they very proudly played us Camper Van Beethoven's cover of Pictures of Matchstick Men by the mighty Quo. We burst out laughing. Ooops. Looking back, we were probably a bit too narrow-minded.

Ah f*** it, let's have a drink. Just no f***ing folk songs.

Cracker - "Teen Angst"
Oh crap, it's not even the ultra-rare B-side of the Low EP, as we assumed, it's the first song on their second album. F*** it, buy the album here anyway.


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