Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New York Ruffneck Windmill Crew

Top quixotic campaign of the day - Leslie Crocker Snyder, who has decided to take on top octogenerian prosecutorial titan Robert Morgenthau to become Manhattan DA. Now, to be honest, from here in Brooklyn we've got our own amazingly silly DA to deal with so pardon us if we don't weep for your stubborn old white collar crime fighter.

In any case, Snyder has a pretty good resume as a judge and a prosecutor, and some AMAZINGLY CHEAP CAMPAIGN ADVERTS. Cutesome seemed almost affronted by their rather ratty flavour - going through their head "we wouldn't have to put up with this nonsense on NBC4". Snyder engages in one gigantic non-sequitur - "they change prosecutors in that TV show Law & Order, why not in real life?" Now of course it may be that L&O is considered very unrealistic in the rest of the DA world for keeping its prosecutors on for so long. More likely Snyder is being fatuous.

The advert was so silly as to attract the attention of Pat, this morning back from vacation and apparentlly refreshed. Yes, the poor chap did wade in to the ice-cream or Tasti D-Lite debate in gloriously tasteless fashion, but he is still number one Canuck News Oompa Loompa in the city. Related news - Molly Kroon is obviously being groomed for great things, but does not yet have a spot on NY1's staff page. Oh well, we named our last ship in Escape Velocity after her. CNN in six months we say.

Giff has a new ad out, so new it's not on his website yet. Better than the last one, it shows Giff personally and energetically rearranging a classroom, and then standing back for the applause of NO MORE than 17 children. Apparently Mike could do something about this, thus avoiding the tepid stares of much more than 17 children, but he's too busy throwing wads of fifties at Leona Helmsley (glad you escaped the crash, BTW, Leona).

Finally, and proof that we need to stop watching this silly local cable news channel all day, we caught the public advocate debate briefly last night. Our views on the hack Gotbaum are reasonably well-known but she surprised even us with her uselessness. Betsy seems to consider her job as a cross between 311 and the Fox Five Problem solvers, both of which are extant, the latter much to our chagrin.


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