Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Special Clownshoe Number Two

Early contender for title of second stupidest politician in Brookyln (the first is pretty obvious). Take a bow, Dov Hikind, who suggested that we need more racial profiling in law enforcement and bag searches. We're sure that the assemblyman/clown is making some obscure and wrong-headed point about sticking it to political correctness.

But we need to spell this out real slow. Not Gothammist-politely. It's not just brown people doing this. It's any pissed-off and feeble-minded loser. John Lindh. Richard Reid. Germaine Lindsay. You've just given the bomb-masters an excellent reason to do more outreach.

[Update: left-wing wunderkind Matthew Yglesias makes exactly the same point. Only he's clever, and uses pictures]

Coming up, Garage-tastic rock of garage. Yuh-huh.


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