Monday, July 25, 2005

Purple Pros

Gratuitious pop at Gothamist of the day. We're heartened that Gothamist is trying to be more spiky of late. But...but, but, but, we need to be rather careful with party ID. Comparing the proposed bill from Rep. John Salazar, who wants to outlaw the wearing of fake medals, with the antics of protesters at the DNC last summer, who mocked John Kerry's Purple Heart, well, that's good. Tutting at the behaviour, not so good. Omitting to mention that Salazar is a Democrat and the Kerry bashers were Republicans, well that's pretty bad. Salazar hitching his star to an Owen Wilson movie (where veteran impersonation is used as a seduction tool) is pretty silly, but the politics of the move is smart, especially since Democrats are currently trying to prove their credentials on matters military.


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