Friday, July 22, 2005

Two Kindsa Fear

We seem to have picked a rather poor weekend to take to mass transit. Yesterday's mini-bombs, which contrary to our earlier assumptions, did not result in any captures, were followed by a shooting in Stockwell, probably 300 yards from where we grew up. Still, enough reminiscing, and we do hope they got the right man.

We don't quite buy Mr Gilliard's musings on the shootings, or the bombings, both of which strike us as unduly cynical. But, again, wearily again, hang in there to the UK massive. You're fortunate that you havent - yet - been subjected to massive and pointless bag searches.

The delightful Mayor Mike decided to debut these just as we needed to drag a fifty pount roller case through the subway this morning. Since, however, Bergen Street was delightfully deserted by the time we thought about leaving the 'ouse, we were unmolested. Whether the same will be true for the DC Metroliner this evening we do not know.

Head on over to Banana Nutrament for Mig-Hell's cunning, and hopefully legit plot to take on the Markowitz-clown. We do hope he reads this article by Christopher Ketcham in Harpers on the broad qualities of the Brooklyn Democratic machine. Mr. Ketcham, who is also one of the few writers putting forward a coherent picture of what Brooklyn would resemble if this real-estate Wild West materialises, does not make it look pretty.

We, off course, will be delighted to visit such a celberity blogger in jail, and will at the very least try and spread the "Indie Judy Miller" moniker, but with luck it will not come to that. In the mean time, maybe he will allow us to suggest some appropriate equipment for the benefit concert:


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