Monday, September 26, 2005

Did You Just Put That Clown In The Salad-Shooter?

We don't really expect you to put that much store in what we have to say about Brooklyn politics. This is not for the reasons you might expect - that we can't vote and we don't know what we're talking about. No, it's that we are (at least formally) anonymous. Until we stand up and back up with our good name and job some of our more hideous pronouncements about the idiot Markowitz, take what we have to say with a pinch of salt.

But the Green party candidate for borough president, Gloria Mattera, is just that star. She appeared at the Borough President debate last Thursday, and ripped Marrty a new one. Here's the money quote, as reported at the Brooklyn Downtown Star:

""I don't know if he was clueless about the scope of the plan or he just didn't care," Mattera said about Markowitz.

This is in response to a statement from our beloved, and not at all fatuous, current Borough President that maybe his pet development project, which involves one basketball arena, grillions of condos, and several confiscated smallholdings, had got too big. Ya think? Can't see the Williamsburg clock tower, cowering in the canyons of a sh*tey concrete wasteland? Might be a bit big?

Here's Markowitz' pitch:

"Markowitz said he spent his whole life working to become Brooklyn Borough President."

Or, give me the job because I reeelly, reeeelly want it. The founders of the republic always felt that lusting after a position of power might in itself be a disqualification from holding that job. In Markowitz' hands, it's the only reason to give him it. Although, to be fair, the fact that the position has so little power means that Markowitz' clowning and desperation to see himself on TV actually appears to bolster his suitability.

We spent an entire day yesterday as a blogger, meaning we sat around in a dressing gown writing nonsense on the internet. Which meant that we missed the Altantic Antic and only got round to realising this when we checked our voicemail for verbeage from mp3blogstars. B*ll*cks.

Anyway, next year we want to see Gloria wandering up and down the antic chatting to the hipsters and cussing out non-organic foodsellers, and not the Marty-chimp, OK?


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