Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hey Dylkicker

We're doing laundry right now, so we caught the second bit of the Bob Dylan epic on PBS. S'not bad. Certainly means that this scumbungle should hang his head and drop his laptop down a well.

Knowing bugger all about the comings and goings of Mr. Dilling, we will not weigh in on the great man's legacy but in one respect. The Judas incident. So, the legend goes that at this 1966 gig at the Free Trade Hall in Manchastah, an irate limey screams "Judas" at the man while he's between songs. Now the legend always was that Bob said "you're a liar", and then launched into a blistering version of "Like A Rolling Stone." Almost right. Between uttering the cryptic, read on several levels "you're a liar", and the next song, he says something much more to the point, something that should be written on the ceiling above every musician's bed. Call it the Zimmerman maxim:


That's how you do it.


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