Thursday, October 13, 2005


Grace Church
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Aside from wasting ninety minutes of our precious life on the Brown Bunny, and being the first to sample the delights of Union Street's Black Pearl (hint, it's not the same thing as the Alphabet City lobster shack, Eater-childs, but not a pirate tie-in, either. Boo), we've been very quiet of late.

But we've finally got round to taking a picture of the Grace Church School, so we'll post that for your pleasure. Whenever we visit the Cooper Station post office, we're stopped in our tracks by the Grace Church School, this chunky gothic building dropped on fourth avenue, and endearingly out of place. The reason we like it so much is that, given the olde worlde gothic front, and the fact that fourth avenue is so broad at this point, it reminds us of nothing so much as the High Street in Oxford (webcam here. If you squint quite hard you can see where Gringcorp went to college.

Grace Church does not have quite that claim to fame, since it was tacked on to the back of the Grace Church on Broadway towards the end of the nineteenth century. Nothing wrong with that, and you have the Gothic revival mania to thank for much of Fifth Avenue and the Cathedral Church of St John The Divine, which shares a name with the church where Gringcorp was baptised. So, for that reason, as well as the fact that Gringcorp's gothic revival alma mater, was built in the seventeenth century, when Gothic was deeply unfashionable, we will not be chucking any rocks at poor Grace Church.

Or PITY THE CHILDREN, as we say far too much.


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